Herskind Communication

Herskind Communication helps you with:

  • Change communication
  • Copywriting
  • Communication strategy
  • Copy-editing/proofreading
  • Language policies
  • Teaching concise language – getting the message through
  • Web consultancy – creating content
  • Social media consultancy
  • Translations between Danish and English

Your organisation gains credibility if your communication is sharp and the language is free of errors. Clear, precise and correct communication signals quality-consciousness down to the last detail. If your customers and stakeholders can easily understand what you are trying to tell them, you save time and money explaining it, you get people to act and you create results.

Birgitta Herskind is the owner of Herskind Communication. With two BAs in English and an MA in Language Psychology, I’m really into communication, web, copywriting, digital strategy and content marketing – and a total language nerd.

I have a solid track record of raising the bar for communication in companies in Denmark and Malta, getting messages across through clear communication and inducing the target groups to act. I am focused on creating tangible results with communication.

I have worked in Danish consultancy group COWI, had a short stint in the medical industry, and am now in-house consultant on internal communication as well as change communication manager on an extensive IT rollout project in GEA Group.

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